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Let's find out if my services are right for you...

If any of these statements resonate with you, there's a good chance I can help.

  • You're fed up with yo-yo dieting

  • You're seeking sustainable weight-loss results

  • You'd like to improve your focus, clarity and productivity

  • You want to have more energy to do more of what you love in life

  • You'd like to boost your metabolism and balance your blood sugar levels

  • You're completely confused by all the mixed marketing messages surrounding health and nutrition

Ladies, I know you're juggling a whole lotta life, and that's why I'm here to make this really simple.

The Experiences

Basic Experience


Macros Breakdown and Menu Plan

We'll begin with a 60-minute consultation discussing your weight-loss goals, macros and specific concerns regarding keto. From there, I'll design your personalized menu plan in which you can begin implementing immediately in order to get ketosis underway.

This is the experience for you if...

You’re eager to give the keto diet a go but not sure how to get started

You're comfortable keeping yourself accountable

You're seeking a simple, easy-to-follow menu plan to keep you in ketosis

Gold Experience


30-Day Online Program, "Keto Crush"

This 30-day experience is my signature program, Keto Crush. It's an all-inclusive digital guide. This DIY program provides you with a step-by-step implementation plan designed to walk you through a well-formulated ketogenic diet from start to finish. Essentially, Keto Crush is your digital guide to mastering the ketogenic diet. You'll receive a full breakdown of the what, how and why of keto, as well as numerous effective strategies to making sustainable lifestyle adjustments. Plus, you'll have immediate access to all sorts of bonus material including: menu plans, grocery lists, cheat sheets and checklists.

This is the experience for you if...

You’re in a serious love affair with sugar/carbs and are well aware that you should be eating less of them

You’re self-motivated— just looking for the proper dietary guidance

You’re sold on the ketogenic diet but have no idea how to get started

Get started by enrolling today. No consultation required. 

Platinum Experience


30-Day Personalized Ketogenic Experience

We'll begin with a FREE consultation to review your health history and weight loss goals. Then, we'll set up 4 weekly coaching sessions (via phone or skype) where we uncover specific habits and thought pattens holding you back from attaining your individual health and wellness goals. 

What you'll get:

Instant access to my signature program, Keto Crush ($97 value)

5, one-on-one coaching sessions (with option to extend for $50/session), suited to fit your individual needs. We'll address topics such as: smart shopping, dining out, eating-on-the-go, emotional eating, drinking, self-sabotage, ect.

Weekly weigh-ins and food journaling

24/7 support – Ladies, you have my personal commitment to your health and success! Unlimited email and text gives you the support you need in between sessions to make amazing decisions and celebrate your progress along the way. 

Access to our closed Facebook Group, Keto Crush Leverage the power of increased accountability and support from hundreds of others battling their sugar addiction as well.

This is the experience for you if...

You’re seeking dietary guidance and serious accountability

You likely already know what to do, just can’t seem to get the job done

You’re looking for specific guidelines to implement or fine tune the ketogenic diet

Exclusive Experience


6-Month Deep Immersion

An intimate ketogenic experience designed to transform your relationship with food forever.

What you'll get:

Everything that's included in the Platinum Experience ($397 value)

20 additional one-on-one coaching sessions (24 total)

$ back guarantee (must complete program in full and present food journaling)

Priority support – Ladies, my 6-month immersion is only open to 20 individuals per month. That way I can guarantee you my undivided attention throughout your health and wellness journey.

This is the experience for you if...

You’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work

You’re absolutely fed up with yo-yo dieting

You’re damn determined to achieve sustainable, life-long results

Not sure which experience best fits your needs?

Together we'll discuss which program best suits your dietary needs and weight-loss goals.