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I've helped 100's of clients shed weight, increase energy, and live their BEST life by implementing the ketogenic diet, and I'm here to help you too. Here's my approach: be transparent, promote balance, forgive yourself and lead by example. That’s what I’m all about, and that’s what you'll find in every aspect of my service.

I'm Keto Coach Katie, and I'm SUPER excited you're here!

It's no secret that sugar leads to weight gain.

Even though the headlines continually remind us that sugar is bad for our hearts and our hips, we continue to take it down the tube— consuming an average of 140 pounds, per person, per year. That's means many of us are consuming our own weight in sugar each year. Whoa!

Why do we eat it?

Consider cravings for a moment. Evolutionarily speaking, cravings were a selective advantage when food was scarce. In our modern era of over-abundance we're encouraged to "practice self control." Unfortunately, the practice of self-control goes against our intrinsic primal conditioning.

So we're hard wired for failure?

Now don't get discouraged, this doesn't mean we're hard wired for failure. It simply means we're not designed for denial and depravation— which is why fad diets rarely yield sustainable results. In order to effectively achieve dietary transformation, we must retrain the mind, body and soul to find pleasure in health and wellness. 

And that's exactly what my services are designed to do— retrain the palate to appreciate wholesome food and reprogram the body for optimal performance.

What is the ketogenic diet?

If you've been looking to level-up your health and transform your body into a fat-burning machine, then you're in the right place.


The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet. Keto, as it's commonly called, shares many attributes with popularized "caveman" diets such as paleo and primal.

The ketogenic diet is often referred to as a sugar elimination diet because carbohydrates, whether simple or complex are composed of glucose (aka, sugar molecules), complex carbs are just longer chains of molecules.​ Simplified, carb restriction is sugar restriction. 

If you're curious to learn more about the ketogenic diet I encourage you to check out my FREE Keto Diet Masterclass. In this masterclass I'll teach you the basics of the ketogenic diet— what it is, what benefits and side effects to expect while in ketosis, as well as how to get started with the ketogenic diet today.

How does the ketogenic diet work?

As a result of helping 100's of clients hit their weight loss goals, I've concluded that losing weight isn't nearly as complicated as it's made out to be. It really boils down to 4 basic components: restricting glucose (sugar/carbs), adding in healthy fats, maintaining consistency and building in accountability.


Now you may be thinking, "Wait, I thought you said no denial and depravation, sounds to me like I'll be denying myself sugar and carbohydrates" Let me be clear, my approach doesn't involve calorie counting or black-listing foods. Instead, I encourage you to add in more dietary fat in order to naturally push out the foods that are spiking blood sugar and prompting sugary/starchy cravings. By replacing glucose with fat, you'll effectively address your body's needs. And by addressing your needs, you'll find craving control will be easier than ever before. 

Why cut back on carbs?

Most are shocked to hear that carbohydrates (simple or complex) are simply long chains of sugar molecules. Essentially, that means, whether you're reaching for a banana, a baguette or a bag of Chips Ahoy, your body is breaking it down all the same— converting it to glucose (sugar) and storing excess as fat. Therefore, a carb-aholic is a sugar-aholic.

The ketogenic diet involves reprogramming the body to rely on fat rather than glucose for fuel. 

Are you wondering how a high fat diet could possibly result in weight loss?

Let me illustrate this with a brief overview of what causes weight gain.

In its simplest breakdown, the body has two basic fueling systems. The body will either take carbohydrates and turn them into glucose for quick burning fuel. Or it will take fat and convert it into ketones for slow, sustainable fuel. By cutting either pathway, you will lose weight. 

So why do I encourage cutting the carbohydrate line?

Well, let's take a closer look at how carbs effect our blood sugar.

After consuming carbohydrates our blood sugar (glucose) rises. When we consume carbohydrates in excess, our cells become full of glucose and the overflow travels off into the bloodstream. This glucose becomes viscous and harmful, packing on weight, clogging our arteries, raising triglyceride levels and causing inflammation. In contrast, fat has significantly less impact on blood sugar than carbohydrates. Actually, when consumed alone, ingested fats have no bearing on the concentration of blood sugar whatsoever. And just so we’re clear, an excess of any carbohydrate, including both sugar and starch, are stored as fat. And despite what you may believe of “healthy whole grains,” ANY carbohydrate not immediately used by the body is broken down into glycogen and stored away as fat.

Therefore, a sugary diet is the same as a starchy diet.

I realize this information may feel like a serious slap in the face because like me, you’ve spent your whole life programmed to believe that eating cereal, skim milk and fruit for breakfast was healthy. I’m sorry to break it to you…

It’s time to reconsider EVERYTHING you think you know about fat.

And more so, it’s time to reprogram the body for optimal performance. And how do we reprogram the body for optimal performance? By drastically reducing our carbohydrate intake and prompting the body into a state of ketosis.

Let me help you!

I've discovered by implementing a low-no sugar/low carb diet, clients are living healthier and happier than ever before. 

Now, I realize drastically reducing your carb and sugar intake isn't a simple and seamless process. It's going to take some serious work. I mean, come on, most of us have been programmed to rely on carbohydrates for fuel since the day we began chewing food.

But not to worry. In order to expedite the learning curb and get you on your way to total body transformation, I've put together a selection of personalized coaching experiences.