What if letting go is where it all begins?

I woke up this morning to find a message in my inbox from The Universe.  True story.  It read, “Ever notice Katie, that in the long run those who don’t eventually go ‘within’ often go ‘without.’  The timing of this little gem was obscenely impeccable.

Blindly moving an ocean’s distance out of my comfort zone in pursuit of passion has drudged up feelings of isolation, fear, stress, anxiety and severe sadness.

For the record, I am wildly uncomfortable with each of these emotions.  Optimism is in my nature.  Happiness is my comfort emotion.

100’s of miles from home, my tribe, and my sanity I did what any normal American citizen would do.  I began self-medicating.  It didn’t take long to remind myself that whiskey was only exacerbating the problem. Recognizing I’d fallen into an unhealthy emotional state, I made a conscious decision to surrender.

When faced with unfavorable emotions we have a tendency to run or resist the processing period.  Few are truly comfortable in vulnerability and anguish.

Is it always about being comfortable?

Subjecting oneself to discomfort, facing it head on, and acknowledging vulnerabilities is actually what fosters strength.

Don’t be afraid to go within.  Dig around.  It’s not always pretty.  It’s not always what you expected. But it’s authentically you. Vulnerable. Human. Complete.

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