Treat Yourself

Struggling from perpetual impatience, I believe my dreams CAN’T wait.  Pressuring myself to execute with efficiency, generally leads to unreasonably high expectations.  My latest focus has been one of entrepreneural endeavours.  I’ve been reading, breathing and dreaming in business.  Regardless of my obsessive compulsive behavior, I often experience disappointment in my efforts, feeling discouraged that I’m not putting in enough time and energy into their actualization.

In the midst of my morning mental warfare I took a break from work and pulled out a calendar.  Not even a month ago I was throwing in the towel on a $300,000 investment, trading promises of BIG $$$ to follow aspirations of BIG <3.  I now have a solid plan, a registered business name, and 13 pages of market research.  I’m no longer stuck in the HOW TO phase, I’m entering the TAKE ACTION phase.

High expectations are vital to entrepreneurial success, as you are your own boss.  As important as it is to be self-motivated and vigilant, it is equally important to acknowledge and reward yourself for progress made.

Treat yourself today!

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