I’ve got the wandering eye…

IT’S A COMPULSION.  It can’t be denied. It’s more than an itch; it’s a severe case of ants in the pants. It brews and festers; incessantly reminding, it necessitates relief.

THE CRAVING FOR EXPLORATION is ferocious.  It rejects fear.  It insists on leaving comfort behind.  It promotes passion.  It promises growth, regeneration and renewal; and it always delivers!

THE PURGE, is undeniably liberating. Stuffing the bare essentials into a suitcase fit to fly is humbling.  Bidding adieu to the pile of accumulated material that has come to own me is gratifying.

THE PROCESS IS NOT UNDERSTOOD OR RESPECTED BY ALL. “Why?” they ask, “what are you running from?” To that I respond, “I’ve befriended inspiring souls, made incredible connections.  I’ve met my ego, shed layers, and regenerated new skin.  I assure you I have absorbed and embodied the glorious splendor of this enchanting experience, and now its time to let go.  You see, I’m not running from anything, I’m running to something.

Fresh experiences, new life, uncertainty, and grandeur await.

YOU UNDERSTAND!  To the Tarahumara, the Chris McCandless’ the soul seekers, the free-spirited wanderers, the fellow individuals that struggle to find solace in planted feet.  Run till your feet are blistered and bleeding.  Run to fuel the burning desires erupting in your heart.

Refrain from living the life EXPECTED of you, it will likely lead to regret.

There is no shame in living authentically you!

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