Aphrodisiac anyone?

What Makes You feel SEXY?

BUDDHI YOGA with Jess Abner

Come shake your booty:

Yoga Hawaii– Wednesdays: 9am-1015

Yoga Hawaii– Saturdays: 8am-915

Balance Core 915am-1015

Check out http://www.rootsfitnesshawaii.com for more booty-shakin info


Post-workout elixir:

1 packet unsweetened frozen acai berry (antioxidant)

1 small banana

1 scoop Vega choc-o-lot supplement, or 1 TBL raw cacao powder

1 TSP maca powder (ancient Incan aphrodisiac ;))

1 TSP camu camu powder (outrageous Vitamin C)

1TSP reishi mushroom (immunity)

Coconut water

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